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At Paxton Inspection Services we offer a variety of inspections. Check out the following!

Commercial Inspection

Our Commercial Inspection is conducted in accordance with the CCPIA Standards. It is to your advantage to have your building inspected every year, so you can know the true health of your investment.

Home Inspection

Are you buying a home, or currently own one? Let us help you with knowing the exact condition your home is in. You will receive a Free Home Maintenance book, that will guide you through how to take care of your home. Schedule Today!

Move-In Certified Inspections

Are you selling your home? Well now is the chance to make sure your sale goes through...We will do a full home inspection BEFORE you put your house on the market! Why wait. Be Proactive and schedule an inspection now!

Mold Testing

Mold. It's ugly and can create issues with your home and health. We can perform testing in your home or commercial building. If you think you may have mold let the Professional Mold Buster help you out!

Annual Inspection

Everyone has busy schedules, so let us help you with your home! This inspection will keep you up to date on the health of your home on an annual basis. We offer Annual Home Inspections at a discounted rate. Click Now to Schedule!

11th Month Warranty Inspection

You built your dream home. Everything is brand new. What do you have to worry about? Nothing. Wrong. Before your 1st year, it is recommended that you get an 11th Month Warranty Inspection performed. We perform a full home inspection, providing you with a detailed report that you can give your builder to fix something, before its too late!

Thermal Imaging Inspection

We use a high tech camera find problems that are visible with the naked eye. It's not x-ray vision. But Thermal Imaging allows us to locate leaks, moisture in the walls, locate electrical issues, energy loss and even leaking roofs.

Sewer Scope

Do you have a clogged sewer drain? Are you wondering what type of shape your drain tile is in? Then call us today so we can send our camera in to find the problem!

Water Testing

Are you worried about whether your tap water is safe or not? Click Now to schedule a water test from the Pro's!

What Every Home Buyer in Fargo/Moorhead Must Know

The Safe Home Book is a Must Have for every buyer and owner. Sign Up to receive your FREE E-Copy Today!

The Inspector

Ike Paxton is the Certified Professional Inspector. He is Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a member of the Certified Commercial Property Inspector Association, and is Licensed by the State of North Dakota.

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Paxton Inspection Services started with one thought in mind: To provide people an honest inspection, with no shortcuts, that will give them true knowledge of their home or building. Its quite simple.

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