10 Home Inspection Tips

by Ike Paxton, CPI - 10 Home Inspection Tips 

We have compiled a list of the top ten things you can do to help make sure your home inspection goes smoothly.  So here we go:
  1. Confirm that all the utilities are turned on, including the pilot lights.
  2. Make sure your pets won't hinder your home inspection.  Ideally they should be removed from the premises or secured outside.  Tell your agent about any pets at home.
  3. Replace burnt out light bulbs to avoid a "light is inoperable" mark on your report, that may suggest an electrical problem.
  4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace all batteries.
  5. Clean or replace dirty HVAC air filters.  They should fit securely.
  6. Remove debris, wood and stored items from around the foundation.  These may be cited as "conducive conditions for" termites.
  7. Remove items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electrical service panels, the water heater, attic and crawlspace.
  8. Unlock any locked areas or doors that I must access.
  9. Trim tree limbs so that they're at least 10 ft. away from the roof.  Trim any shrubs that are touching or too close to the house.
  10. Repair or replace any broken or missing items, such as doorknobs, locks, latches, window panes or screens, gutters or down spouts or chimney caps.
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