Check out Paxton Inspections COVID-19 Policy Change

COVID-19 Policy Change

We are living in different times. Over the last several weeks,  our daily life has been changed suddenly and very drastically for most.

Paxton Inspection Services  is still offering all of our different inspection services due to COVID-19. These changes as to how inspections are being conducted is for the health/safety of our inspector and you.  We are following recommendations from the CDC and OSHA on how to protect you and our Inspector.  These policies may change in the future as the situation is changing daily.

Not Permitted to Attend

Paxton Inspection Services will NOT ALLOW ANY person(s) to be in attendance during an inspection.

Live or Recorded Inspection

Each inspection will be recorded, and you will have access to it when the report is completed.

Electronic Reports

Printed reports are no longer offered. All reports can be viewed by the link you receive via email. You can choose to print out a copy for your own records.


Our inspector will wear any and all Personal Protection Equipment that he may deem necessary to keep him safe at all times during any inspection. At times it may be difficult to understand him in the video, but we will provide on screen captions.

These new policy changes are meant to protect everyone involved in the inspection process:
home buyer, home seller, real estate agents, inspector, current property owners, renters. 
We are cautious and take this pandemic very seriously.

We want to thank everyone for understanding these changes and look forward to providing you with the best inspection service ever!


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