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We specialize in making sure your home environment is safe for you and your loved ones.  People spend most of their lives indoors, whether at work or at home.  Indoor Air Pollution is a topic that very few people think about.  Having a clean and healthy home is not only important for the structure, but is necessary for your own health!

Are you interested in having your home tested for Radon?

Radon Testing is an important step that ensures the safety of your family.  Radon gas can cause lung cancer.

Do you have a musty smell somewhere in your house?

Musty odors usually indicate moisture problems.  High levels of moisture lead to the growth of mold.  Mold will cause breathing problems, especially in individuals that have weak immune systems.

Maybe you are trying to figure out what is causing your sneezing?

Dirty furnace filters, and/or duct-work can cause breathing problems and aggravate allergies and asthma.  Pets cause a build up of dander and fur into the carpeting.

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Radon Testing

Mold Testing

Indoor Air Quality

Certified Radon Testing starts at $99.00
Home Inspections Start at $299.00

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

Condo & Townhouse Inspections Start at $250.00

*1000 sq. ft. or less

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Locally Owned & Operated
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One Stop Inspection Shop - Radon, Mold, Air Quality, Water

Our Certifications

InterNACHI Certified
IAC2 - Radon Mold Indoor Air Quality
Certified Commercial Property Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector
InterNACHI First Time Home Buyer Friendly
InterNACHI Certified Commercial Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Multi-Unit Inspector
11th Month Warranty Inspection
Work Place Safety Inspector
Fire Safety Inspector
Repair Verification
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