Home Inspection FAQ’s

How long does your home inspection take?
On average, Ike will spend 3 hours observing and taking pictures for the report.  A home that has more defects, will take longer.  Most other inspectors spend a maximum of 1 hour on a full home inspection.

Can I be present for the home inspection?
You are encouraged to be present at the inspection if you can make it.  After the inspection, Ike will do a walk through and explain what he found, along with tips on maintenance and how things work.

Can I follow the inspector around the home?
We recommend letting Ike do his job, that is what you are paying him for.  If you follow him around, this creates a distraction for him, making room for error.  Ike encourages you look around too, and compile a list of questions for him to go over at the end of the inspection.  

Do you print your report on-site?
Ike does not deliver the report on-site.  You will receive it within 24 hours of inspection, via web link.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes we do.  Paxton Inspection Services has the required E/O Insurance by the State of North Dakota, along with General Liability Insurance.

Do you offer any repairs?
No we do not.  Ike Paxton, CPI is bound by Ethical Standards of InterNACHI which do not allow him to perform any repairs on any properties he inspects.  This sets him above the rest of inspectors, most inspectors will perform repairs on defects they find, which calls into question their honesty.

Do you offer any warranties like other inspectors?
As of right now, we currently do not.  We do however carry the best Guarantee not offered by several inspectors in the Fargo/Moorhead area…Our Guarantee is that We’ll Buy Your Home if we missed anything that is in our SOP.  This guarantee is backed by InterNACHI.

Why do you charge more than other Inspectors?
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  We are not the most expensive, but not the cheapest.  Most inspectors look around at most for 45 mins to an hour.  Ike spends a minimum of 3 hrs observing the condition of the property.  He typically shows up 1/2 hour before anyone arrives and starts observing the exterior.   Ike Paxton has the qualifications, and years of knowledge that make him a great inspector.  He knows you will be impressed!