Indoor Air Quality Testing

Are you having problems with your breathing?  You may have high levels of certain pollutants inside of your home.  People spend most hours of their day indoors, either at work or at home.  The quality of the air inside our home or office is usually an after thought to most.

Most homes have high levels of indoor pollutants.  The main cause for this problem is that the indoor air is not being replaced with fresh air from the outdoors.  Building codes are making buildings and homes that built to be air tight.  Even older homes have issues with introducing fresh air into the home.

How do you know if you have bad indoor air?  Typically you'll experience health issues, such as, headaches, breathing problems, allergies, and fatigue.  These are just symptoms to more serious health problems that may evolve if your quality of air indoors does not improve.  Indoor Air Quality is very important to you, your family members, and anyone that visits your home.  If you need help solving an indoor air quality problem in your home or office building, contact us today!


• Household Cleaning Products
• Carbon Monoxide
• Radon Gas
• Formaldehyde

Indoor Pollutants

• Out-gassing of Adhesives & Paints
• Aerosols
• Varnishes & Stains
• Chemicals

Indoor Pollutants
Indoor Pollutants

• Asbestos
• Mold
• Smoke
• Candles
• Fragrances

• Sewer Gas
• Paint
• Dust
• Pet Dander
• Pests/Rodents

Certified Radon Testing starts at $99.00
Home Inspections Start at $299.00

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

Condo & Townhouse Inspections Start at $250.00

*1000 sq. ft. or less


Our Certifications


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InterNACHI Certified Commercial Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Multi-Unit Inspector
11th Month Warranty Inspection
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