Meet the Inspector Ike Paxton

Ike Paxton, CPI here…I just turned 40 this month (I get my young looks from my mom’s side).  I am a Certified InterNACHI Inspector.  For years I had always thought about becoming an Inspector, but it wasn’t until after my wife decided to buy a house along that it finally came to fruition.

During the process of my wife purchasing her home, neither one of us really knew about the importance of an inspection.  Her realtor did mention it, but didn’t really push it.  So after the offer was placed, and we walked through the home again, I realized we were in for quite a ride.  The home was built in 1920, was not maintained, and needed a lot of work.  

It was then I decided to start taking classes through InterNACHI University, an accredited organization from the U.S. Department of Education.  To date, I have 22, count them, 22 Certifications.  I have always had a keen eye for things, and I want to help people avoid the problems my wife and I had.  I do home inspections, commercial property inspections, along with Indoor Air Quality Testing/Mold Testing.

Side note on the house – we have had multiple bats in the house.  The bat infestation was not disclosed by the previous owner.  So we are in the process of rectifying that problem at a very steep cost!  

Here’s another side note of my inspections – I spend more time than any inspector would…why?  I am here to help you, my customer.  I don’t want any new home buyers to have to go through what my wife did.  I want to help protect you and your investment!

Ike Paxton, CPI
Owner/Inspector at Paxton Inspection Services

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