Radon Testing in Fargo-Moorhead Area

Why test for Radon

The big question is - Why test for Radon?  According to the EPA, Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.  Every home in America has some level of Radon Gas.  But the EPA estimates that one in 15 homes have elevated levels of Radon Gas. The levels of Radon Gas can widely vary from house to house, even in the same neighborhood.  Since Radon Gas is odorless, tasteless and invisible, testing is the only way you will know what the levels are.  There 58 deaths a day and over 20,000 deaths per year due to the effects of Radon in the United States.

The EPA recommends that every house be tested every two years, and after you have a Radon Mitigation System installed.  They also recommended that any home buyer or seller, get the house tested before it is bought or sold.  So if you are a seller or a home buyer, do your part - have the home tested for Radon as soon as you put it on the market or before you put an offer on the table.

Paxton Delivers Quick Results

The professionals at Paxton Inspection Services are here to give you honest, quick service!  Testing for Radon isn't as simple as it looks.  There are many variables that go into getting accurate test results.  So let us worry about all the details and you can go about your life!

With our equipment, you get printed out results immediately after the testing period is over!  No Waiting, period.


Accurate Results

Paxton Inspection Services follows the testing protocols of IAC2 and the EPA.  There are very strict standards that we follow so we can be sure are results are accurate.  Before we conduct a Radon Test for your home, you will receive an instructional brochure that will explain how it works, and what we need you to do to make sure the testing standards are not compromised.  If you have questions you can contact our office at anytime.

Certified Radon Testing starts at $99.00
Home Inspections Start at $299.00

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

*2000 sq ft. or less

Condo & Townhouse Inspections Start at $250.00

*1000 sq. ft. or less


What is Radon?

Radon occurs naturally by the radioactive breakdown of uranium in the soil and rock in the ground.  The radon isotopes that make their way up to the surface by voids in the soil and even the water.   It eventually get its into the air by attaching itself to particulates in the air.  Then when you breathe, those particulates with Radon attached to it settle into your lungs.  The end result of this is - Lung Cancer.  That is why the EPA along with the Surgeon General have been recommending that all homes in the U.S. be tested for Radon Levels.

Safe Levels of Radon

As stated above, every house has some levels of Radon.  According to the EPA, the average outdoor Radon level is .4 pCi/L.  The EPA has set guidelines as to when action has to be taken. Radon levels greater than 4 pCi/L, mitigation is needed.  But any level of Radon should be mitigated for the safety of your loved ones.

Radon Entry


The EPA has put together a FREE guide that should be followed during a real estate transaction.  To get a FREE Copy, Click Here to get it today!

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