Remove the Snow on the Roof

This winter has given us a fair amount of snow.  It’s not the most we’ve seen, but it’s not the least.  In any case, leaving snow on the roof of your home or business can cause severe damage, even collapse!

Over the past week in the Fargo/Moorhead area, everyone has heard of  roofs’ collapsing on several businesses, a church, and garages.  Why does this happen you may ask?   Roof structures are designed to hold the weight of the structure itself, this includes, wood sheathing, shingles or rock covering a flat roof, heating and cooling units, along with a limited amount of snow.

The wind causes snow to drift in locations that already hold a lot of weight.  For instance, snow tends to drift around pipes, and heating and cooling units.  The snow will also collect in the valleys.  If the snow gets more than 1 foot deep in these areas, it puts alot of extra stress on the roof structure itself.   When the snow keeps piling up all winter long, there’s more stress and weight.  So for the safety of all occupants, building owners and managers, need to make it a priority of having the snow removed frequently, just like the sidewalks and parking lots.


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