Are you having drain issues in your home?  Let us help you find what is causing your clog!   We also offer Sewer Scope Inspections as part of a Home Inspection for our Enhanced and Ultimate Inspection Packages.

We can inspect up to 65 ft. of accessible main sewer lines, drain tiles and vent pipes at a time.  During the inspection, you can watch along with us on the TV screen to see your sewer lines in real time.  Our Certified Professional Inspector  always records the inspection.  You will receive the recording on a flash drive, so you can see the lines if you are unable to attend.  You will also receive an inspection report with photos delivered via email.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection

What we can scope:

Main Sewer Line   |    Drain Tile   |   Toilets   |   Vent Pipes

Warning Signs of Sewer Problems

  • Foul Odor inside or outside of the home
  • Strange gurgling noises in a sink or drain
  • Slow Draining

If you experience any of these symptoms in your home, its time to call Paxton Inspection Services to figure out what is clogging your drain.  A damaged or broken pipe can cause major issues that are extremely costly if you do not take action right away.

Drain Pipe Material

Do you know what type of drain pipes that are beneath your home?  If you do, you are part of a small group of homeowners.  The majority of homeowners do not understand the difference between the materials that are used in plumbing.  Knowledge is power.  By knowing what type of material your pipe is made of can help you prevent drain troubles.    Unfortunately, most sewer lines won't last forever.  PVC and ABS plastic pipe will last years longer than say, clay or cast iron.  Another factor is how long the sewer lines have been in the home.  So let's take a peek at the different types of materials used for sewer lines.

Clay Pipe - used from about 1900 until the mid 1970's.  It's porous surface attracts tree roots to anchor to it.  Tree roots tend to break through the clay pipe and cause blockage and leakage.

Cast Iron Pipe - used from about 1900-until the 1980's.  Cast Iron pipe is a very strong material, that can withstand up to 2 ton of pressure.  It was prone to scaling, which leads to rusting, which leads to failure.

PVC Pipe - used from the 1980's to present time.  PVC has a smooth exterior and interior.  The smooth exterior helps it fight off tree root anchorage.  The smooth interior allows it to deliver waste very easily.  It is not as strong as cast iron, and not as heavy.  Being a light material, it makes for a easy install.

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